Philippines – El Nido, A Kids life

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, May 2016. El Nido may not be the complete Filipino cultural experience I might have hoped for but here’s a look at life through the perspective of the towns youngsters – no Xbox, no Playstation, no Ipad! These  kids are adept at making their own entertainment.

These kids hanging out on El Nido corner look content enough. To them, I’m known as Saint Paul!


Kids around here have to learn life skills quickly as this photo shows. A young boy, about 12 yers old, balances the boat while pulling in a fish to cook for dinner. This shot reminds me of ‘Mowgli’ from the ‘Jungle Book’.


I captured these ragamuffins playing in a old sidecar contraption, behind the scenes in El Nido town.


From the town beach kids can be seen larking around on the tourist boats to the amusement of passengers waiting to sail – a morning and evening ritual it seems, or do they just like showing off?


Captured these in the slum area. Kids around here are experts at making their own entertainment – just like I did growing up in  late 1970’s England.


I have to admit not being too pleased at seeing what this kid was up to – catching swifts on the town beach.


And finally, these happy, carefree kids insist on a photo – so I had to oblige. Again captured behind the tourist scene, El Nido town.