England – Planning The Next Trip


Norwich,  Norfolk, England, Winter 2017: I will always use the online booking agent Skyscanner as a guide and would never contemplate actually making a reservation. Online reviews quickly establish that those obscure names offering rock bottom bargain airfares are rarely what they seem. I don’t know about your country, but here in England scamming the gullible is big business!

I usually fly from London, but this year is going to be different. Yes, I’m flying from my local airport and connecting through Amsterdam and Istanbul. I’m heading back to Nepal and it turns out that flying with Turkish Airlines from Amsterdam is about £100 cheaper than flying from London! So, with all the transport costs to and from London and the flight from Norwich factored in the flight to Kathmandu from my local airport is only marginally more expensive.

I’ve booked directly with the Airlines, bypassing online agents as I prefer to have my booking confirmation instantly, not next week or next month!

So here it is – leaving 2nd January 2018 from Norwich to Amsterdam with KLM dutch Airlines. Later, connecting with a Turkish Airlines to Istanbul with a plane change to Kathmandu, arriving 1130 the next morning. Then i’m taking a local flight to Pokhara – Lets hope  after all of that, I arrive in one piece. I shall be returning late  July, pretty much the same route in reverse.

And inbetween, I shall be visiting Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan, plus one or two other destinations yet to be decided.

So until next year…..

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From England!





Great Britain – This is Norwich, England

Norwich, Norfolk, England, Autumn, 2017: My home city, Norwich has plenty of historic interest. From original cobbled stone streets lined with Tudor era buildings to the Edwardian and Georgian developments in the hart of the city. Reconstruction after the ravages of World War 2 has seen theses buildings preserved to pristine condition making Norwich city centre popular with domestic tourists and international students.

Over the next few posts I’ll attempt to share the sights and hopefully the sounds of life in a small English city that you’ve probably never heard of before now!


For now, here’s a set of general images from our fine city and if time permits I’ll home in on features such as the historic Castle and our magnificent cathedral, oh and of course we’ll walk around the market!

England – Back on Home Ground

London, England, June 2017: Its been a long flight, leaving Kathmandu nearly 24 hours ago with a change of aircraft at Abu Dhabi. Etihad flight 11 is a red eye, leaving at 2.30 in the morning! I try to avoid these flights but a I needed to change my ticket and this was all that was left! Etihad operates a standard economy cabin with the same amount of leg room and seat size as all the other operators – not very much of either. Unfortunately for me I didn’t eat much much in the ultra expensive Abu Dhabi airport in the hope of some decent food on the flight. So it was pretty disappointing to be served with 1 small plastic sandwich shortly after take off. Yes, the inside was pretty grim being furnished with processed everything. Zero points for Etihad on the EY11 bound for London!


Over London at last!Yes, in about 20 minutes we’ll be on British soil for the first time in 6 months. Here are some views of the city as this Airbus 380 meanders towards the final approach the London’s Heathrow airport.

Turning around London’s East End here are some pretty good views of the City Airport.

So how many London landmarks can you spot from these photos?

And that dear readers ends this travel season for 2017. I need to recharge my bank account and plan for travel season 2018 – perhaps you can inspire me with some interesting destination suggestions. Once again thanks for tuning into my random jottings and I hope the casual nature of the dialogue wasn’t too boring 🙂

England – Another Jotting From Norwich

Norwich, Norfolk, England.  Good news and bad news: The good news is that business is good and money for next years travels is rolling in nicely. The bad news is that the Pound Sterling has lost significant value among the worlds currencies since brexit thus I will need to review that bucket list.

Because I’m working so hard, there just isn’t time for any comprehensive blog updates and so I’ll just continuing sharing a few photos of my home city  – Norwich, England.

So please enjoy the views of our historic city and these images capturing the city’s medieval past starting with the river wensum quay side, once the hub of commercial Norwich.

Next is a gentle stroll along quaint street of the preservation area known as Elm Hill and Tombland. More about our preserved historic district here

And finally for this session here’s a few snaps from around the Cathedral grounds.


England – Backyard Motography

Norwich, Norfolk, England, Summer 2016. Norwich is my home city, my  backyard and the photos presented here are all taken with my Motorola G4 Smart phone.

Views of Norwich City Centre – a mix of history and modernisation that showcases the city’s evolution through time. More about Norwich here….


A Random Jotting from England

Norwich, Norfolk, England, October 2016. A very green, pleasant and insanely expensive country! It is however my homeland, my back yard and where I can make some money to fund my next round of travels. The harder I work the further I can travel – well, that’s the philosophy I keep in mind at the days end when the only thing to do is collapse into bed with exhaustion. Since arriving back in the UK end of June I have been extraordinarily busy. The British economy is booming since the Brexit vote and there appears to be a shortage of labour in some industrial quarters. This of course leaves little time for the kind of extensive blogging I have been writing, but not so much that I can’t share a few images of England and particularly my Back yard – Norwich and the surrounds (Google Map)

So, as I work hard and plan for my next exciting adventures in Asia lets take a look at England!


Lets start with this rather nice photo – a typical English village. Cottages, a green and of course the church, every village has one! Tydd Saint Mary is the village, located on the fens near to the town of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. (Google Map)

Its becoming increasingly common for country folk to keep Lamas as pets in the backyards of their pink thatched cottages – another fact of English country life.