China – Introducing Dali, New Town

Dali, China, May 2016: The first day in a new destination, morning has broken in Dali. There’s a big difference in climate here – sweet, fresh air with clear blue sky and an abundance of sunshine. Later I shall move to the North end of the city where I have an Air BnB booked for about 8 night close to the old town. Priority now is to find some breakfast as I stomp the streets on a crisp chilly morning.

Not long before one stumbles upon a noodle cafe, seems to be the breakfast of choice across china with an abundance of noodle shops in all directions. Noodle soup with bit’s and pieces across the top, sometime of questionable origins, but its always tasty.



Dali can be characterised in two parts – new and old. New Dali is situated on the southern flank of Erhai Lake while Old Dali is some distance north. Old town Dali is the reason visitors make the place another tourist hotspot. Preserved architecture and culture are the lure along with the agreeable climate of course. I’m here for the next few hours following an overnight stay, having made a very long journey previously. For most visitors, new town is simply a transition en-route to the ancient town. So, for now lets stroll along the lake and breath that fresh sweet air.

Here’s a few snaps…


Across Lake Erhai, New Town Dali


The tourist boat, expensive and long winded are the reviews!


Local Temple, Erhai Park.


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