China – Enchanting by Night, Fenghuang

Fenghuang, China, April 2019: Enchanting by day, equally enchanting after dark – a sight to behold as the towns historic core turns into an array of gold, silver and white lights. Seems that everyone in Fenghuang has stomped up to the towns highest bridge to view this rather magic spectacle and this is one time a bunch of photos can really tell the tale spectacularly! So, for the final time of sightseeing in Fenghuang, lets finish on a high note! Here’s

The rain has stopped, the night is clear and the air is still helping produce these nice crisp images of Fenghuang at night.



Back to base then leaving behind those thumping sounds emanating from the plethora of bars and discos from down below as the natives begin their boozy night out. For me, I’m on the move tomorrow heading for Dali, a long way West so I need an early start and some sleep!

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