China – The Modern Town, Fenghuang.

Fenghuang, China, April 2019: To the South of the historic tourist core, Fenghuang has a thriving local scene – A high street like any other high street one would see in England. Full of modernity and with all the  functionality of  modern life in China. The markets here are quite interesting, not that bustling with stall holders getting in some napping time. Its also considerably cheaper to eat in the real town to – dumpling soup around £1.17, a cheap and tasty lunch from one of the many little 2 table cafes around the place.

Walking back to base then through a hive of activity as the town wakes from the lunchtime siesta. locals busy going about their daily business, not a single tourist insight – a strange feeling being the only westerner in a local area, but not as bad as being the only westerner in Ganxia, shenzhen!


Several varieties of Chilli’s at the local town market.


Fenghuang High Street


The Fenghuang Indoor Market


Local Siesta!




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