China – Phoenix Ancient Town, Fenghuang

Fenghuang, China, April 2019:  Fenghuang is actually quite a big town with it’s ancient core sitting in a valley with modern residential units spreading up into the nearby hills. it doesn’t take long to establish that here is another tourist destination with all the associated establishments that contribute to such. Nonetheless, one can also quickly establish that Fenghuang has a uniqueness that doesn’t come along that often on ones travels. The river with picturesque bridges of historic proportions along with an interesting blend of historic (and not so historic) architecture is going to make this visit to Phoenix Ancient Town well worth the effort, I can just feel it!


Lone boatman on the Tuojiang River

There’s no rush to get around here – 2 full days to explore the small historic core of the this ancient town along with a few ancient traditions along the way such as Venetian style boating. With daylight fading and the drizzle annoyingly persistent once again (it must be all across China) time to grab some photos from an initial stomp around before  bad light stops play. So, here are a few snaps before a more comprehensive look around tomorrow.


less historic bars, pubs and night clubs!


Chinese Alcoholism is well catered for as bars, pubs and clubs line the waterfront. Here though is one less boozy joint to choose from!


Plenty of street hawkers in Fenghuang. Here, domestic tourists haggle over the price of black olives.


Olives and apricots for sale.


Plenty of options to cross the river.

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