China – Introducing Phoenix Ancient Town, Fenghuang

Fenghuang, China, April 2019:  I’ve arrived at Fenghuang town after a 3 3/4 hours bus ride from Zhangjiajie. Despite a lifting of the cloud base earlier enabling a few en-route photo’s, its back to mist and drizzle as I hike downhill towards the old town and my Air BnB accommodation. I shall be here for the next 3 1/2 days, aiming to immerse myself with some real old Chinese culture. By all accounts this is the place for that, a well preserved historic town that is also a tourist hot-spot.


Phoenix Ancient Town


First glimpse of Phoenix Ancient Town.

As one descends the hill and rounds the corner, emerging from the mist and drizzle is this rather enchanting glimpse of the ancient town. The river gently flows as rising mists give the place a mysterious aura as though one is about to enter a magical kingdom.

But first  I must find that Air BnB, grab some tea and food before hiking around the town.

Next..China Enchantment

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