China – Quick City Stomp, Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie, China, April 2019: It’s A compact city centre with a small Central Business District which includes the train station, bus station, hotel district and the airport – all within walking distance of each other, well, perhaps not the airport, which is really just a 10 minute ride away. Today I’m om what I call a stomp around – pounding the pavements of the local area to discover some of the city’s sights.

The city centre is separated from the suburbs by a rather wide river – the Lishui according to Google. Here is perhaps the most picturesque city skylines I have seen in a while – certainly in China anyway. The river extends East-West and here, just north of the city centre is a rather fine city bridge contributing to some pretty good photo scenes.

For those who like an elevated view, the 5th floor of a nearby shopping centre fits the bill – but only for boys! yes, the only window I could find with good views was in the male toilets! So, here’s what a quick City Stomp of Zhangjiajie looks like. Notice the lack of glass sky-scrapers and glitzy malls, that’s because they simply don’t exist here.



City bridge across the Lishui River


Zhangjiajie’s Church, across the river.




Across the river


Chinese plants


City Park Entrance gate


Zhangjiajie’s old district.


Zhangjiajie’s shopping Mall


View from floor 5 of the shopping mall.

And as the sun sets across Zhangjiajie, here’s a look across the rooftops towards the Tianmen mountains.


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