China – Karst in the Park, Yangshuo (Quick Post)

Yangshuo, China, April 2019: I’m almost out of time, infact its my penultimate afternoon here in Yangshuo. For once, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and everyone around me looks relaxed, even smiling – a far cry from my experience in Shenzhen! Right now I’m meandering towards the town park, the only place left on the map that’ could be worthy of a quick look. Situated adjacent to the towns tourist core, the place should make an ideal refuge if one seeks escape the malaise of hundreds of screeching, spitting, smoking Chinese tourists.

Plenty of pleasantness here – an abundance of greenery among the well landscaped grounds. Old timers are out to play here – gently dancing in formation to traditional music, others gambling away there pensions at a card table. Beware though, for those with sensitive ears, there’s some rather loud, cringe-worthy karaoke going on.

Interestingly, there’s a Karst situated within the grounds. Even more interestingly there’s a pagoda perched high on a ledge facing the town – now there’s got to be a way up there, an easy way to some spectacular views hopefully, lets go to find out!

Good news, the Karst Hill has public access, and its free! Its about a 20 minute, relatively easy climb up a stone stair case to some pretty nice views across the town and its surrounds.


Yangshuo Town Park


The Yangshuo Town Park.


Dancing in a loose formation to relaxing music.


Wiley old-timers 


Karst in the Park, there must be a way up to that pagoda…


Way to climb the Karst.


At last, another good view of the unique Karst landscape under blue sky.


Yangshuo Town Looking East.


Just Imagine Prehistoric flying reptiles swooping down and around!

Yes, just marvel at these spectacular views in the late afternoon sunshine, where, from a photographers perspective the sun is positioned perfectly! So, for visitors itching to climb up one of these Limestone Karsts, I’d recommend this one, right in the middle of Yangshuo town.

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