China – The Yulong Scenic Area, Yangshuo

Yangshuo, China, April 2019: About 6 miles West of Yangshuo town is the Yulong River flowing through an area designated ‘Yulong Scenic Area’. Its an easy cycle ride across flat terrain and after about an hour one arrives at the start of what’s probably going to be quite a unique trail. Just a few steps up onto the concreted path and from here on in its a gentle ride between fields of mustard seed, delicate herb gardens all with the back drop of those lush green forest clad conical limestone kast hills glistening in the warm spring sunshine – yes, the sun is still out!


The Cycle trail starts here…


A nice spot to eat lunch


Rural life in China, laundry in the irrigation channel.

Well, I have to say I’m glad I waited for a sunny day. The scenery here in Yulong is pretty nice! Along with the piece and quiet of the rural landscapes, one could easily drift away into a mesmerising daze. After munching on a lunch of cold steamed buns, I have to crack on with the cycling. Along the Yulong River, as I’m not entirely how long the trails  extend. So, let go and find out…


Yulong River, murky waters from recent rain.


A gang of Chinese girls making the most of the nice weather


A Water Wheel

An effective yet simple solution to rural irrigation is this water wheel on the Yulong River. A series of paddles and pipes ensuring a perpetual flow of useful water, an antique dating back to ancient times I should imagine, and still in use today.


Village Across the River Yulong.


Bamboo raft on the Yulong River.

Local transport is by means of rafts constructed from bamboo poles, another simple yet effective innovation from bygones days and still in use. Continuing the Ride beside the water and one will see plenty of these tied up to trees on the bank. I’ve read there are rafts made specially for tourists who flock here and pay a hefty price for a ride on the murky river! Right now the place is quiet, not even other tourists around – I have the place to myself!


A sight for sore eyes, looking along the Yulong River

The ‘Yulong Scenic Area’ is enhanced as the afternoon sun’s position is more favourable when it comes to taking a good photo – the lush greenery shines and the river doesn’t look so murky. Plenty of natures creatures to spot to, although most of them are camera shy. Nonetheless, for those quick on the camera, there’s a few good opportunities for a good photo of a lizard and some dragonfly’s.


Delicate cultivation on the Yulong Flat Lands.

Next, I’m keen not to let posts get to big and rambling, so next time we’ll be wrapping up Yulong Scenic Area with the best scenery yet!

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