China – Sunshine, A Lucky Break, Yangshuo

Yangshuo, China, April 2019: After having endured 2 days of intermittent drizzle, today one awakens to a patch of blue sky. Actually there are about 3 patches of blue, and growing – the day has arrived, my lucky break with the weather! No time to waste since this window of opportunity might never happen again during the time I have left in Yangshuo.  First thing, scrutinise the map and pick a scenic area, then grab a cycle and apply some pedal power!


Finding a scenic area to visit

The whole area is of course scenic, but according to the map some places have a specific point of interest. Some are a considerable distance from Yangshuo while, thankfully, there are closer options. I shall make tracks for the Yulong-he scenic area, about 6 miles from town so the ride shouldn’t be an onerous effort by any means. On the way, dumpling soup for breakfast and 3 steamed bus from the stand next door, for lunch later – £1.25 for the dumplings and 60p for the 3 buns.

Negotiating the roads around here is pretty easy with plenty of room for cyclists. Even at big intersections one can creep ahead of the queue and make a quick getaway as soon as the lights go green. Traffic is light, the roads flat and because most vehicles are either electric or hybrid, pollution is practically non-existent making cycling around here in Yangshuo a pleasant experience – so far anyway.


Very good roads, light traffic in Yangshuo


Scenic area checkpoint – cars pay-up!

Good news, the sun is still shining as I reach the scenic area checkpoint, rather ornate for a toll booth. Thankfully cyclists are free to proceed without cost while drivers of vehicles are relieved of some cash. soon the wide roads become narrow lanes as the scene transforms into an of intriguing landscape of forest clad green conical hills glistening in the warm spring sunshine. With the town about 30 minutes behind, one encounters a small village, marked on the map as Jima. Nothing special, but there is one very old dwelling, an ancient house by the looks of the place. The old timer at the front door beckons me to take a look around, not now because I don’t want to miss the blue sky! On the way back perhaps, but right now I’d better press on towards the Yulong River.


Jima, worth a quick refreshment and rest stop.


Ancient House, Very Old Timer, Jima Village

A handful of Images from Jima village, Yangshuo…

Next time, The Majestic, Magical Mysterious scenery of Yulong…


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