China – China’s most Scenic, Yangshuo

Yangshuo, China, April 2019: Visitors flock to Yangshuo because the place is small enough to be close to nature –  within minutes by car or bus, a little longer by cycle. The location makes a good base for exploring what is said to be China’s most scenic landscapes. Unfortunately that’s not the case today as low cloud and light drizzle have put an end to any sightseeing ambitions, for now at least. I shall be here for a few days so fingers crossed for a lucky break – sunshine and blue sky, something of a luxury in China!

First thing to do when one arrives in China is go and buy a waterproof poncho and keep it on stand-by at all times, based on my experiences so far! Yangshuo is a holiday hot-spot, even in the rain as hundreds of natives arrive by river boats from upstream big city Guilin. The humid air is thick with diesel fumes and cigarette smoke as vessel after vessel docks at the narrow landing stage, offloading about 100 passengers at a time. The ride down Li River takes about 3 1/2 – 4 hours and costs in the region of £50. Sadly, those who have forked out for today’s ride won’t have seen a great deal of the famed scenery – just murky brown water, mist and of course rain.

So, without any scenery to see and with the drizzle turning into steady rain lets seek refuge in KFC and grab a coffee. Here’s a few images before it started to rain…again!


Yangshuo is full of guest-houses and small hotels


What – no scenery!


Hundreds of these electric carts operating as taxi’s for the Guilin-Yangshuo river cruise passengers – pay extra!


Historic West Street (original Yangshuo), wall to wall tourist tack!


KFC,  Macdonald’s just around the corner


Time to pack up and go home, after grabbing a bowl of local noodles.


Lunch with Yangshuo locals


Murky waters of the Li River

Looks as though the poor weather is set for the day. Time to abort any hopes of some decent sight-seeing and head back to the guest house.


7 thoughts on “China – China’s most Scenic, Yangshuo

  1. Hope the weather improved because the scenery is indeed impressive. I did the boat trip from Guilin to Yangshou on a rainy drizzly day. I was disappointed, but the photographs were spectacular with the low clouds draped over the mountain tops adding an air of mystery…



  2. We, too, are experiencing a lot of cold and rain and socked-in mountains on our trip to Colorado. It’s tough when the scenery is such a big part of the experience. Hope it clears up for you. Enjoying your posts!


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