China – Exploring Gangxia Urban Village, Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China, April 2019: A self-contained urban village, a residential enclave of high density living within the Shenzhen metropolis, separated from the city by wide boulevards and motorways.  Urban planning, yes, i’d say there are definitely signs that the place has been designed with the populous taking priority over fuel driven motorised vehicles. Instead, there is a gentle flow of electric scooters, battery driven bicycles and various electric driven small carts – just as well because the roads here are barely wide enough for 2 standard cars to pass. Lets take a wander around Gangxia…


Welcome to Gangxia Urban Village, Shenzhen


Deep inside the Labyrinth


The streets are narrow but devoid of traffic.


High Density Medium Rise Urban Living.

This is what I’d call a ‘Raw Neighbourhood’ that’s clearly of first generation development.  A neighbourhood of ordinary working folk in a self-contained, fully functional community. Small shops, independent groceries stores and enough cooked food outlets to keep any foodie happy for years to come! Modest but clean little cafes populate just about  every street, with what I’d term honest food, fresh and cheap – no posh stuff around here! 


A labyrinth of dark alleyways and lanes formed between the densely packed housing blocks creating a sinister feeling. Infact the whole place is beginning to feel rather sinister as locals are looking me up and down with an obvious degree of suspicion. I rather think they’r not used to strangers wandering around their neighbourhood, especially a Westerner wielding a camera! For now then I’ll make a quick exit, but I will be back before I leave in a couple of days time.



A sinister looking alleyway, Gangxia


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