Hong Kong – Wandering around Wan Chai

Hong Kong, April 2019: Wan Chai is a residential district situated just west Hong Kong’s Central Business District. The Star Ferry connects directly from the Kowloon Peninsular or it’s a 30 minute hike from Star Ferry’s Central Pier on Hong Kong Island. Alternatively hop on a tram from the Central area.

Wan Chai is densely populated. All one can see from the approaches is a plethora towers and skyscrapers but soon after arriving is clear that the place has a beating pulse – not just business suits scurrying between the glassy steel  structures but locals  making thier way to the markets, stopping by the small shops and grabbing a pot of noodles at the street corner. Yes, Wan Chai appears to be a thriving hub of local culture. 

As one wanders around the place, whats immediately noticeable is the mix of early generation developments intertwined with later development, extending northwards occupying reclaimed land that forms today shoreline. Its fair to say the place has its fair share of shopping malls and coffee shops along with those good old fashioned Hong Kong noodle counters on the street.


Lets explore Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Wan Chai Market



Later generation Wan Chai on reclaimed land. 


1960 – 1980 Wan Chai.


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