Hong Kong – Victoria After Dark (supplementary post)

Hong Kong, April 2019: Well, seems I was a little hasty in publishing the previous post, minus a bunch of photo’s I had carefully prepared! So, here’s a supplementary post with those photo’s of views from the famous Victoria Peak. If you missed the original post click here.

After having made it to the Victoria Peak unscathed, one must now battle through crowds and head towards the viewing paths. 3 options after disembarking the bus. First, straight ahead and into the shopping mall where another £10 will get one a spot on the viewing roof. Second, turn right following the crowds to a viewing platform and pagoda shelter. Third, make a left past the mall and find relative tranquility while watching life across the water.


Bus 15 is a Double Decker – Top front is the best seat to get! $10.5 full fare from Central Pier or Exchange Square.


The shopping mall viewing roof – about £10 and several flights of stairs! Yes, even on a mountain peak the Chinese have an insatiable appetite for shopping.


Turn right, follow the crowds and join the jostling for the best selfie spot.


A slight case of overcrowding!


Queuing for the tram ride down – 3 lines deep and growing!


Alternately, make a left turn for uncrowded quiet spots and wait for night fall while watching life across the harbour such as the Star Ferry pictured here.


A close-up of the cruise terminal on Kowloon.


Densely packed Sai Wan.





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