China – The Fourth and Final Jotting from Zhangjaijie

Zhangjaijie, China, April 2019: Today my luck ran out on me – and in spectacular style! The day started fine weatherwise, a slight haziness but bright enough. Good for a hike up Tianzi Mountain then.  Unfortunately for me, by the time I’d reached the top, what should have been spectacular views of scenery asas depicted in the 3D Avatar movies was simply just a wall of fog – how unlucky can one get.

By 1PM the place was a ghostly silence. The thousands of cackling, spitting Chinese and thier tour groups had given up for the day and I followed suit shortly after. Lesson learned, check weather forecast next time, £30 completely wasted, but that happens when traveling, sometimes!

Tomorrow, moving on, but in the meantime here’s a quick snap from today’s disastrous outing..


3 thoughts on “China – The Fourth and Final Jotting from Zhangjaijie

  1. You were unlucky BUT sometimes you get the most incredible photographs when it is foggy and raining… I went to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain near Shanghai) and it rained all day… but the photographs are in a different league because it all looked so eerie…


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