China – Fith and Final Jotting from Yangshuo

Yangshuo, Guilin, China, April 2019:

Tomorrow, I’m moving on to Zhangjiejai, If I actually reach The place is dependant on whether my travel information obtained during planning the trip is accurate. I’m quite prepared to spend a night in Changsha, the transfer destination for buses to Zhangjaijie!

So, in the meantime here’s some thoughts from across the past weeks stay in the holiday hotspot of Yangshuo.

Once all the nuances and inevitably of a tourist town are dealt with then I can honestly say Yangshuo is a good place to be – especially compared to SHENZHEN! The local population have a visually positive mindset. On the downside, Yangshuo’s subtropical climate means low clouds, mist and rain most of the time during spring. Landscape photographer’s looking for blue skies are going to need a lucky break!

More in the main blog along with photos  once I leave China.

Note to Mother: All is wee, but internet grinds to a halt after dark.

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