China – The Third and Final Jotting from Fenghuang

Fenghuang, China, April 2019:  At last, that persistent drizzle has, for the moment, stopped. Time then to make haste and explore around the quaint little streets of Fenghuang ancient town.

Tomorrow, on the move to another ancient town – Dali. I can get to the transfer city of Kunming, but onward to Dali by bus could be a problem as its a national holiday – and that’s always a problem for getting around if one is a foreigner who needs a ticket on the spot, apparently. Pretty bad timing on my part, but I might just get away with it, lets see.

China – The Second Random Jotting from Fenghuang

Fenghuang, China, April 2019: After yesterdays excitement at seeing the place burn down, today I shall go and explore what remains. Actually that’s quite a lot since I exaggerated the situation. Day 2 then and the low clouds and drizzle that’s plagued me almost since I began this trip nearly 3 weeks ago is still here! So, Fenghuang, famed for being a preserved ancient town and yes, another Chinese holiday hotspot!

One positive take with the weather – it makes urban photography a whole lot easier. The light is equalled across the spectrum and one can limit the need for blue sky.

here’s a few snaps to be getting on with –  Phoenix Ancient Town



China – The First Random Jotting from Fenghuang

Fenghuang, China, April 2019: Arrived in Fenghuang to freezing cold and drizzle. A light drizzle though, so I can at least walk the 3/4 miles into town arriving just in time to see the place burn down!


Well, yes, I did exaggerate a little, just one bar smouldering. Here’s a first look at Fenghuang and yes, the place is full of boozy joints…. Tomorrow’s another day!


China – The Fourth and Final Jotting from Zhangjaijie

Zhangjaijie, China, April 2019: Today my luck ran out on me – and in spectacular style! The day started fine weatherwise, a slight haziness but bright enough. Good for a hike up Tianzi Mountain then.  Unfortunately for me, by the time I’d reached the top, what should have been spectacular views of scenery asas depicted in the 3D Avatar movies was simply just a wall of fog – how unlucky can one get.

By 1PM the place was a ghostly silence. The thousands of cackling, spitting Chinese and thier tour groups had given up for the day and I followed suit shortly after. Lesson learned, check weather forecast next time, £30 completely wasted, but that happens when traveling, sometimes!

Tomorrow, moving on, but in the meantime here’s a quick snap from today’s disastrous outing..


China – The Second Random Jotting from Zhangjiejai

Zhangjaijie, China, April 2019: A lucky break of sorts – Sunshine allbeit short-lived. I seized the opportunity to pay a visit to Tianmen Mountain, one of the local hotspots around here. Unfortunately so did thousands of others and by the time battled my way through those thousands of Chinese domestic tourists who were pushing, shoving, spitting and squawking continually, the clouds and mist rolled back in. Nonetheless there were still some bright spots throughout the day today. Here’s a few phone snaps.

Blog report and better photos once I’m out of China.




China – The First Random Jotting From Zhangjaijie

Zhangjaijie, China, April 2019: 2 buses, 2 trains and 13 hours – yes, I’ve made it to Zhangjaijie, all the way from Yangshuo and in one piece. Despite some misgivings about the Chinese bus network, the reality is that actually it integrates quite well.

Unfortunately the weather hasn’t improved despite me moving several hundred miles North! The mist and low clouds seems persistent right across the nation. Let’s see what happens tomorrow, perhaps another lucky break!

China – Fith and Final Jotting from Yangshuo

Yangshuo, Guilin, China, April 2019:

Tomorrow, I’m moving on to Zhangjiejai, If I actually reach The place is dependant on whether my travel information obtained during planning the trip is accurate. I’m quite prepared to spend a night in Changsha, the transfer destination for buses to Zhangjaijie!

So, in the meantime here’s some thoughts from across the past weeks stay in the holiday hotspot of Yangshuo.

Once all the nuances and inevitably of a tourist town are dealt with then I can honestly say Yangshuo is a good place to be – especially compared to SHENZHEN! The local population have a visually positive mindset. On the downside, Yangshuo’s subtropical climate means low clouds, mist and rain most of the time during spring. Landscape photographer’s looking for blue skies are going to need a lucky break!

More in the main blog along with photos  once I leave China.

Note to Mother: All is wee, but internet grinds to a halt after dark.

China – The Forth Random Jotting from Yangshuo

Yangshuo, Guilin, China, April 2019: there’s no denying the fact that this is a holiday hotspot for the Chinese domestic tourist along with a handful of internationals. The character of this town definitely overshadowed with all the tack one finds in a tourist town. Endless souviner shops, ticket touts and candy stores. I’m sure the Chinese welcome such synthetic additions to their historic settlements but the real draw of Yangshuo is the natural history of it’s surrounds, sadly plagued with mist, low clouds and rain most of the time.

One aspect of this so called tackiness is quite useful though – the KFC. Coffee, WiFi and contemplation is the way to spend time as the mist swirls around the hilltop’s.