England – Spirit of the Fenlands, Cambridgeshire

England, Autumn 2018: The fens, an expanse of low lying fertile lands extending from the North sea southwest across 3 counties. back in time, before the middle ages infact, the fens were little more than a giant bog of marsh and quicksands with very little value other than producing reeds for roofing materials. Then one day, early 1600’s a group of smart folk had the idea of draining the place to expose the fertile soils from which delicate crops would grow. Their legacy today is a plethora of canals and waterways, pump houses and sluice gates to control the excess waters, much like we would see across the North Sea in Holland. (Google Map)

Travel to Britain

Travel to Britain


The Fenlands are crisscrossed with a network of waterways and channels ensuring that excess water has a place to flow thus keeping the cultivated fields free from flooding. The channel depicted here would have been constructed sometime in the late middle ages, 1700′ era.


The Fens, featureless but with big wide open skies.


On a landscape such as the Fens, one can see a rain shower way ahead of it reaching ones location. This shower is about 20 minutes away!


Big skies means great sunsets such as this one at Parsons Drove, Cambridgeshire.

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