Nepal – Flying Home, Sector 4 The Last Hop

Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Its been a very long day having left Kathmandu about 16 hours ago flying home to Norwich England via 2 airports. The sun sets across continental Europe as we board the bus transporting passengers bound for Norwich to the remotely parked aircraft. Its a KLM City Hopper Embraer 195, a relatively small plane seating about 50 passengers and used extensively on the short city routes such aa this 35 minute hop across the north sea to Norwich. Yes, soon I shall be home, exhausted but relieved to be sleeping in my own bed for the first time in 7 months.

Nothing to see from the windows on this flight because its almost dark, after being delayed on the ramp for about 20 minutes – waiting for the co-pilot to turn up apparently! And so that draws to a conclusion my travels for 2018. Over the next few days I’ll reflect on the highs and lows, the good, bad and the ugly aspects of traveling across Hong Kong, Japan, Nepal, Malaysia, and Singapore.


KLM Embraer landing at Norwich some time later of course!

norwich map

Short hop across the North Sea