Hong Kong – Sex in the City, after Dark in Hong Kong

CAUTION: This post contains dialogue of an adult nature and thus not suitable for under 18’s. 

Hong Kong, April 2018: Under the cover of darkness one will observe a completely different accent of life in Hong Kong. Here in Tsim Sha Tsui shady characters emerge from the dark lanes with something to offer – quite what I don’t know since I won’t stop. What I do know is if one engages with these people it often ends up as an expensive mistake. Then there are those ladies of the night. yes, prostitutes, maybe ladyboys, are lurking in dark doorways and on street corners, smiling politely at all the passing boys! Out of the shadows though and the place is a vibrant bloom of neon’s, LED’s, traffic and people. Yes, its all just as busy by night as it is by day, perhaps busier with an atmosphere that one can only describe as ‘on the edge’. When wandering around here its a good idea to hold onto ones wallet and not flash too much expensive bling.

Hong Kong Island is just as vibrant. The skyscrapers playing a major part in keeping the skyline colourful by night. As soon as darkness falls, they illuminate from top to bottom creating a light show that some might compare to that of Las Vegas.


Hong Kong Island by night


Hong Kong City Hall

Temple Street (Google Map) is the hotspot for tourists at night. The place is known for its spicy crab restaurants and street market. Yes, hundreds of tourists flock here to gulp down their spicy crabs before taking a stroll around the endless array of stalls selling all the good stuff tourists come to buy. Also its the first night market I’ve been to that comes with prostitutes! Skulking in the shadows behind the stands are some scantily dressed girls waggling their fingers with a wide grin. Then in the shadows of the doorways to housing units that are adjacent to the market stalls are some rather dodgy looking old-timers, sitting, pretending to read a newspaper. As one passes by, they glance up and with a sideways nod invite their potential customer to take a look inside. For £12 one can choose a girl and get a nice massage for 20 minutes so I am informed! Do I have the nerve to take up the offer? After all its only a massage, what could go wrong? Its a prospect that excites while at the same time may be asking for trouble. Well, thanks but not this time.


Personally, tourist night markets don’t interest me all that much. A seemly endless line of repetitive stalls – all the same stuff at the same price and one is board after about 5 or 10 minutes. Here in Temple Street its just like that, but those people in the shadows gives this place an exciting twist! I suspect those massages may have ended up being more than one had been expecting.


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