Japan – Fukuoka Old Castle Ruins and Sakura in the rain

Fukuoka, Japan, April 2018: Anyone visiting Fukuoka will likely end at the city’s main attraction, the old castle ruins. The grounds form part of the giant city park which I can see might take sometime to explore. Renowned for being full of Japanese cherry blossoms I’m hoping there’s still some of it left! So, lets go forth and checkout whats left of this seasons Sakura blossoms and the old medieval castle.

A depleted display but still quite a reasonable show – yes, looks like i’ll catch the last of the cherry blossoms as the stomp along the boulevard between the subway and the park reveals. Its the second week into April so I should probably count myself lucky!

The weather, still freezing cold with a biting wind, overcast with spits and spots of drizzle but the rain is holding off for now, so lets go and grab some photos in pink before it all gets blown away.


A public park so one is not required to part with any cash. A Well maintained place with health and safety clearly of paramount importance, plenty of toilets around too which is useful since cold weather like this definitely has an adverse effect on the bladder! A lot of girls dressed in costumes and hair styled in the shape of those Japanese cartoons we know an anime. Whether its a pastime or part of a festival I don’t know but with their unappealing rather grim expressions, I’m not even going to ask!. So, while theses characters wander between the castle ruins, I’ll take a stroll under the blossoms, and quickly because its just started to rain!

Not the best day to be stomping around in costumes…but this tourist thanks you for it!


In-between belts of rain I’v managed to cover some ground without getting soaked. All that’s left of the castle is a few walls, entrance steps and a couple of lookout posts. To the casual overseas tourist, not that interesting without a deep understanding of Japanese history – well, I don’t have the time for that in-depth research, so lets move swiftly on.


From the castles high point, there are panoramic views across to the city’s downtown, rather unimpressive on a dark, wet day like this – a view better saved for when then the sun shines. For now though I won’t dwell any further here on Fukuoka castle and go and look for some lunch.

A view from the high point..


NEXT… A noodle cabin, family affair at lunchtime



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