Nepal – Best 5 Mountain Views from Pokhara

Pokhara, Nepal, March 2018: As this years Wintering in Nepal comes to an end I’m struggling to come up with a blog subject not already covered on previous visits. So my attention once again turns to mountains. After all, that is what most of us are here for, right – those awesome, magical Himalayan snow capped rocks stretching East, West, North and up!

Its fair to say I’ve taken hundreds of photos of the Annapurna Mountain range. Whittling my collection down to the top 5 was a pretty hard job but with perseverance I have arrived at what I feel are 3 of the best mountain views on the planet!

First the short list…..

Now the final 5…

Number 5:  From the road up to Sarangkot capturing elements of Himalayan life.


z starIMG_5384

Number 4: Taken from the airport runway as a sightseeing plane adds depth and dimension

z starIMG_6045

Number 3: From the airport, a shot of the Eastern part of the Annapurna range.

z starIMG_6179

Number 2: The inevitable sunset scene, again taken from the airport.

z starIMG_5745

Number 1: A picture postcard scene of the central Annapurna range, taken from the road up to Sarangkot.

z starIMG_20180211_091248643_HDR[1]

And there you have it. Would number 1 have been your top photo too?

Next week I shall be on the move to Kuala Lumpur on route to Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures across Asia!


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