Nepal – Boating with Great Scenery, Fewa Lake, Pokhara

Pokhara, Nepal, March 2018: Boating is the principle tourist activity here on the lake Fewa. For around £8, with or without a boatman, one can row around for an hour or so and feel somewhat at peace with Himalayan nature. For about £12 one can hire a boat all day and explore all those nooks and coves on the far-side. Swimming in the middle of the lake is not advised. There’s at least one death a year, blamed on the lake monster if local folklore is to be believed. Personally, Id say over intoxication could be the reason!


Boat stations are situated conveniently along most of the lakes Northern perimeter so one is never very far from a potential spell of boating.Price’s are the same and rigidly set – there’s no negotiation for a discount – take it or leave it during high season. Low season may be another matter and i’m sure one could bargain on a little extra time for the same price.

So lets go boating and enjoy some scenery…


In Summary…

If you have the time, wait for a clear day and you’ll see the mountain peaks poking up from behind the hills. Unless you want to go to the Barahi Island temple and back I’d avoid this station altogether – its crazy manic and you”ll have to queue (Google Map). Choose another launching station slightly further along, guaranteed no queuing! Its a great way to spend some time at one with the natural world, on water. Mornings are the best time to go boating when the air is fresh and crisp and scenery is at its best, especially for keen photographers.




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