Nepal – Sarangkot, Awesome Mountain Views 2

Pokhara, Nepal, February 2018: The ascent to Sarangkot begins here at the sign board. Its 8.20 am as the bus pulls away in a cloud of dust and diesel fumes. The weather is still clear if a little hazier now that the Pokhara has woken with the resulting pollution that occurs. So, upwards and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Soon the air smells sweet again as the ramshackle collection of houses and shops fall behind. Just 10 minutes into the hike and already those mountains are looking pretty awesome – and we’ve hardly started!


Just 15-20 minutes into the hike and there are the mountains…and sweet fresh air!

The ascent continues. At every corner, or so it seems, there’s a little more of the mountain range to be seen. Some great photography opportunities for those with some serious kit and not so bad for the likes of me with just a pocket camera to hand. Nicely framed vistas through the hillside vegetation is providing me with some pretty unique snaps today!

A vista on every North facing corner…

Traffic is brisk on the narrow road – unsurprising since the place is a tourists hotspot. Even so, one gets a sense of tranquility. Old timers hobble along while others fetch water from the public taps. Yes, a glimpse into local rural life among the ramshackle dwellings.

A glance at local life…

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Nepal – Sarangkot, Awesome Mountain Views 1

Pokhara, Nepal, February 2018:  Sarangkot is that one special place, memorable and most definitely unforgettable. The mountain views from here are simply awesome on a clear day! I’ve been several times and I’m going again – today infact since there’s a window of opportunity. The clouds and mist have been replaced by a clear blue sky and crisp fresh mountain air.

How to get to Sarangkot: Three ways, the hard way the easy way and the expensive way.

The hard way entails a trek from Lakeside to the next village along, Phedy, and then a steep hike up the hill to Sarangkot – That’ll take 3 hard hours!

The easy way involves 2 possibly 2 busses from Hallanchowk to Sarangkot village then a 15 minute hike up to the view point. Bus 1, Hallanchowk to the locally named Zero intersection, 15 rupees. Bus 2, Zero to Baglung bus station, 15 rupees then the third bus to Sarangkot village – leaves between 9 and 9.20 am, 50 rupees one way. Depending on bus times the whole trip takes about 1 hour 15 minutes.


The expensive way is to of course take a taxi from the hotel. Depending on ones haggling skills it’ll cost between 600-750 rupees one way for a white person. Should take around 35 minutes.

Since I’m not renowned for laying out unnecessary expense or taking the hard way when an easy option exists its of no surprise then that today’s trip will be the easy way!  Except that I’ll skip the third bus and take a leisurely stroll up to the 5,500 foot vie point.

NEXT: On the road to Sarangkot and a look at those awesome mountain views…..


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