England – Planning The Next Trip


Norwich,  Norfolk, England, Winter 2017: I will always use the online booking agent Skyscanner as a guide and would never contemplate actually making a reservation. Online reviews quickly establish that those obscure names offering rock bottom bargain airfares are rarely what they seem. I don’t know about your country, but here in England scamming the gullible is big business!

I usually fly from London, but this year is going to be different. Yes, I’m flying from my local airport and connecting through Amsterdam and Istanbul. I’m heading back to Nepal and it turns out that flying with Turkish Airlines from Amsterdam is about £100 cheaper than flying from London! So, with all the transport costs to and from London and the flight from Norwich factored in the flight to Kathmandu from my local airport is only marginally more expensive.

I’ve booked directly with the Airlines, bypassing online agents as I prefer to have my booking confirmation instantly, not next week or next month!

So here it is – leaving 2nd January 2018 from Norwich to Amsterdam with KLM dutch Airlines. Later, connecting with a Turkish Airlines to Istanbul with a plane change to Kathmandu, arriving 1130 the next morning. Then i’m taking a local flight to Pokhara – Lets hope  after all of that, I arrive in one piece. I shall be returning late  July, pretty much the same route in reverse.

And inbetween, I shall be visiting Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan, plus one or two other destinations yet to be decided.

So until next year…..

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From England!