South Korea – The Last Post from Haeundae, Busan.

Haeundae, Busan, May 2017:  As this visit to Haeundae draws to a close, here’s a selection of photos that really didn’t fit within the main flow of jottings. So then the last jottings from Haeundae, Busan.

The old Haeundae Station: Opened mid-thirties and closed around 2013-2014 when a new station was built on the edge of town. Shame because this station has character and is just a short walk from the beach. What remains is the ghostly appearance of an old station house, boarded up windows and weeds vigorously taking hold. The railway lines are being excavated, turned into a cycle path down-track towards Busan, while the pressure of development encroaches ever closer up-track towards Songjeong. The long concrete platforms are still intact for now at least, still with the familiar yellow do not cross lines now fading. All that’s left is a small section of track right outside the station house as though a dedication to the millions of Koreans that must have pounded the concrete since 1934.


Fast Food, Slow Food, Food for Dogs: The food culture here is quite an experience for the uninitiated average white tourist! From the indescribable, such as those pink slugs to the downright bizarre – cows blood soup. I have to say I’m not that adventurous or never that hungry that I need to try ‘Cow Blood Soup’. I got to liking ‘Kimbap’ – essentially rice wrapped in a seaweed leaf and crab stick vegetables through the middle. Once the crab-stick is removed its quite a tasty dish. So, for about 4500 KRW about £3 I settled on noodle soup and Kimbap. So, first sightings outside the UK for me are the Macdonald’s home delivery mopeds, a Starbucks drive through and a dog cafe where one can indulge the poodle with, well, Cow Blood Soup of course!

Here’s a look at Haeundae before the advent of skyscrapers. These were fixed to the compound walls of a construction sight and gives one a little insight into the story of mass development.

And to finish with lets enjoy the Haeundae Sunset…

Next stop – back to Seoul.


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