South Korea – The Purple Bridge and The Trump, Haeundae

Haeundae, Busan, South Korea, May 2017: Visitors to South Korea have to admire the way in which the country solves its road transport problems. When land space runs out they simply build over water! In Seoul I’ve seen highways elevated along the course of the Han river and here in Busan, highways are built out to see, creating a series of Bridges attracting a good deal of tourist attention.  One such bridge connects Haeundae with the Busan downtown area. Its the bridge that can be 1/2 seen from Haeundae Beach when the sun shines and the haze doesn’t prevail but in full view promises to be quite a spectacle – well, that’s the myth floating around here!. This evening then, a stomp all the way to the very edge of town to check it out.

The sun is sinking, the sky turning into red and orange hue. I’m on the water front with skyscrapers behind me and the bridge ahead. The skyline here is really quite a sight as distant skyscrapers become shadows with the sun almost behind the hills. The Bridge, well its a spectacle all right – a beautiful mix of purple lighting with the backdrop of dark shadows and all the colours of a sunset. (Google Map)


After about a hour here mixing with selfie obsessed Koreans and a few serious photographers its time to move on, back to base via the beach – lets see what they get up to at night around here! As I turn, oh look who has a presence here – non other than the President of the United States of America.

Donald’s pad in Busan….


And on Haeundae after dark, plenty of kids letting off fireworks before being chased away by beach officials. Shadows of couples on the shoreline and one old timer selling flying Chinese lanterns. No drunken debauchery spotted, well its still quite early.


2 thoughts on “South Korea – The Purple Bridge and The Trump, Haeundae

  1. Wow the lighted up bridge is beautiful indeed. We did not see this one. Probably because we left Haeundae early. Spent more time at Jagalchi market fascinated by all that seafood


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