South Korea – Nampodong, Busan by Night

Busan, South Korea, May 2017: Having spent most of the day stomping around Gamcheon, uphill downhill, I have now arrived back in downtown Busan. The sun is low and not long until night, maybe a couple of hours. Thinking lets grab some scenic night shots, and thanks to a tip from Mel and Suan the perfect roof top views are not far from here. The Lotte Mall, has a roof top garden with 360 degree views of Busan and particularly the the docks. According to Google Maps is pretty much a straight line to the area of Nampodong, about a 20 minute stomp (Google Map)

The place is getting progressively busier, much more lively than 10 minutes ago. The road has turned into a pedestrianised street crammed full of shoppers. I’ve arrived at Gwangbok Road (Google Map). Looks like the place for Koreans to hangout on a Saturday afternoon. Much like London’s Oxford Street or Tottenham Court Road, a dedicated area for shops, malls, more shops and alleyways leading to, well, more shops, not to mention the array of cafes, restaurants and fast food. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the puppet man with his collection of puppets acting out to some music and playing up to the crowds gathered around.

IMG_5903 The Puppet man of Busan, much more entertaining than the puppet man of Norwich, my home town (Google Link).

The Lotte Mall is just ahead although how one gets to it seems as complicated as negotiating the London Underground for the first time! Via a series of tunnels in an underground market one eventually arrives at the Lotte. Now all I have to do is find a way up to the roof – the 13th floor. Its a 10 minute journey on some very slow escalators to the top of Lotte Mall. A garden for the kids, a coffee shop for the adults and a viewing deck for everyone. Yes, the views from here don’t disappoint as the sun begins to set – night very soon then.


So this is how Busan lights up after dark. Not quite the spectacle I was expecting but the changing colours on the bridge is pretty unique and worth the wait. Now though, its time to head back to base in Haeundae, but not before a little stomp around the streets below, to eat and find a subway station.



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