South Korea – Gamcheon Culture Village And Gamcheon Park, Busan Pt.1

Haeundae, Busan, South Korea, May 2017: Situated on the edge of downtown Busan, quite some distance from Haeundae Beach. It means a ride on the Busan metro, about an hour i’d say with a change of line about 1/2 way. Gamcheon Culture Village has a consistent place in the top ten of things to see in Busan and Googles photos look pretty unique – so let’s go, check it out and see if the place really does live up to expectations.

Getting to Gamcheon by metro is pretty easy since the whole system has only 4 lines. The alighting station is Toseong on the orange line. Leave at exit 6 and take the next right. A few meters along there is a bus stop where bus 2 or 2-1 or even 2-2 heads up to Gamcheon village. The bus is pretty crowded, infact no room at all – time for an executive decision, walk! Its an easy stomp, just keep heading uphill, turn left at the sign for Gamcheon. The whole thing takes about 15 minutes, lost a few grams in weight and saved a few pence on the bus fare. At the crest of the hill is a school on the left and on the right is the official Gamcheon Culture Village entrance. Left in front of the school leads to hiking trails in an upward direction and its that direction I’m going in right now.


Views from the hiking trails – breathtaking. Looking down below is simply stunning. I’d estimate the height here to be about 2,000 feet with great views of downtown Busan and beyond. Quiet, peaceful and cool, id recommend this as the number 1 spot in the top ten list of attractions in Busan. Google doesn’t have an English name for this spot, lets just call it Gamcheon Park next to Gamcheon Village,

So, lets let the photos speak for themselves….

Next In Pt.2 More hiking this time back towards the Gamcheon Culture village.


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