South Korea – Pagoda Bridge, Andong.

Andong, South Korea, April 2017: Today’s plan, a short hike over to the bridge I spotted a few days ago as the train rolled in. Significant because its wooden and has a pagoda at its centre and means some historic value presumably.. Since the weather is nice, warm and blue sky, now is a good time to go and check it out. Its not far, just along the river about a 30 minute hike I’d say. (Google Map)

Its a pleasant hike beside the Nakdong river sharing the purpose built path with Lycra clad cyclists. A scenic photo opportunity with a green hilly background, the clear blue river and the wooden pagoda bridge.


Well, its taken longer than I thought, probably because I’ve lingered a little to much admiring the scenery! About 40 minutes to reach a recreational area from where the bridge can be crossed. First though, a quick coffee from one of the plethora of shops, cafes and restaurants around here (Google Map) A very pleasant area where Korean families come to enjoy their Sunday lunch and get a little exercise afterwards by crossing the bridge and back!. And its a pretty nice place to grab some scenic photos too….


Spotted across the river, halfway up a hill is a traditional type house worthy of closer look and a good enough reason to stomp across this wooden slatted bridge. So, according to the above tourist information below used to be a valley with dwellings until one day a dam was constructed further up. Now what we really have here is a flooded valley and it all happened in recent times, about 1950. Its a long bridge and I suppose the pagoda in the middle is for rest!


At the bridges end, turning right will take a board walk back to town while heading left takes us to those houses, the old fashioned ones spotted earlier. Well, no contest, lets explore the old houses.

Next, exploring an abandoned village…


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