South Korea – Hahoe Folk Village, Andong Part 2

Andong, South Korea, April 2017:  Having endured 40 minutes of an hour long Mask Dance show, time to move on. Quite interesting for the first 20 minutes but unless one has a Korean interpreter around then the thing can become somewhat tedious. So its off to the famed Hahoe Folk Village to presumably see the folk! (Google Map)

As the crowds head off through the village I’m heading off to the fields on the edge. The rural landscape with a hilly backdrop makes for a couple of nice photos. Very quiet, peaceful infact as there’s no sign of life at the nearby farmsteads. Now wouldn’t you at least expect some chooks to be running around the yard!


Moving further along and one stumbles on a little church. Maybe its a preserved relic or perhaps its still used, hard to tell, but it makes for a pretty unusual photo.


Yes, quite a picturesque scene here, with giant bees buzzing in and out, a few wasps and several butterflies, but no sign of theses folk! Moving on then and its getting just a bit busier as the pathways meander towards the village centre. Squealing kids and a gaggle of pensioners on scooters almost running me down.

IMG_4251 In reality there isn’t a great deal of visibility as most of the properties are obscured by high walls. So, if one is really keen of seeing straw thatched roofs then come here, your in for a treat! Occasionally, one comes across a property that visitors can actually see, well, at least the full frontal, but dare not step over the rope barrier!


Actually, the guard dog here looks quite placid, part of the deception perhaps. Here’s a few more photos of the Hahoe Village….

Complete with village shop – only this shop isn’t selling commodities and necessaries, instead visitors will find a host of knickknacks and souvenirs. so, right now I’m cutting this visit short and going to head for an earlier than planned bus, because quite frankly I’ve had enough. My earlier skepticism about the place hasn’t diminished any. To label the Hahoe folk village as ‘Authentic’ is perhaps misleading. Certainly evidence of some habitation here but I suspect in the main were looking at preserved relics and some reconstructions from times past, hence 3000 Won to see it all!

Getting here: Bus No.46 from near Andong train station, 1200 Won each way

Cost: 3000 Won to enter.

Food and Drink: Expensive restaurant in the village, other options near the ticket office.

NOTE: The mask dance (read Here) only performs Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the summer months, then just weekends through the winter.


2 thoughts on “South Korea – Hahoe Folk Village, Andong Part 2

  1. Although it’s too bad that you were disappointed in the village, it’s really nice to read a travel post that is real and ‘unfiltered’. I think sometimes people want to look cool to their friends by saying that every place they visit is more amazing than the last, but people read travel posts to discover the world and to make decisions on where to visit. You’ve saved me a wasted trip if I ever go to South Korea, so thank you!

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    1. I’m not paid to write any of this hence the casual nature of the dialog, and therefore I can tell the truth 🙂 but its subjective of course. What I don’t find appealing others might love!. Thanks for reading my ramblngs.

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