South Korea – A Good Ol’ Hike, Andong

Andong, South Korea, April 2017: The Korean landscape is pretty, hilly and sometimes mountainous. Andong is surrounded by hills, quite close and looking good for an hours hiking. The closest hill, as it happens, is located right in this neighbourhood, perfect for a good ol’ poke around today.

The Neighbourhood is quaint. Little streets and pathways accessing traditional style housing built into the hillside, heading upwards. We’ll take a closer look here on the way back down, but for now the paths are turning into trails as the neighbourhood becomes obscured by pine trees. A strategically placed pavilion with seats gives hikers a chance to rest while taking in panoramic views of the town below.

Panoramic views as the trail heads upwards…

Stomping around in the hills for an hour or two – just me and the butterflies consuming the sweet fresh air of spring, slightly fragrance’d with pine. Now though, time to head down again, a different route from the summit, but any direction down should arrive more or less back to that quaint neighbourhood, according to Google Maps.


And so with a few twists and turns accompanied with a little guess work, the trail down eventually leads back to almost where it began at the quaint little neighbourhood filled with traditional styled houses. The place is so peaceful and quiet, no traffic to speak of. I’d say this is one place visitors to Andong should consider exploring – a real authentic Korean neighbourhood without the tourists!

So lets explore the little pathways and admire the wall art…



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