South Korea – The Mountain Again

Seoul, South Korea, April 2017: Yes, the mountain again – the place where one can feel completely free from the hustle and bustle of the city,s thronging crowds,  relentless traffic and those giant steel skyscrapers. Sometimes on a trip there are places worthy of a second visit and the Namsan Park is definitely one of them. This time I’m hoping to catch the sunset and grab a few night views as the city traverses day to dusk to night.

From City Hall station and following Google Maps, its about 20 minutes to the base of the mountain before the upward stomp starts in earnest. Locals can be seen enjoying the late afternoon sunshine while tourists are poking around in the bushes – ha, I mean taking a look at the nice springtime display of flowers and blossoms.

So, here we are just about to begin the climb up, but first enjoying the spring flowers…

So as the sun sinks ever lower, I’d better get a move on and join the thousands all stomping upwards towards the summit and the N Seoul Tower in order to catch the legendary Seoul City Sunset. About 20 minutes to reach the top, dodging the selfie obsessed locals trying to catch that perfect vanity photo under the falling blossoms. Dodging the locals dragging their poodles up the hill, and down as there are just as many heading away as there are up!

And so as the sun sinks the city changes colour, but the awesomeness remains just the same.

And as darkness falls across the city, its teenagers begin their smooching lips locked, with one arm extended holding a mobile phone – yes, like I said, a nation obsessed with selfies. The sunset, rather disappointing since a layer of cloud on the distant horizon blocks what might have been a spectacle, oh well, never mind. As the queues for tickets to ride up the Seoul Tower grow ever longer, I’m looking for some alternative spots to grabs those night views. Actually, quite difficult at times, having to barge in on some smooching to claim prize position!


That was a pretty nice hour after dark. didn’t get any smooching but never mind, there’s always next time! Now though, its a stomp back down the mountain, across to Seoul station and back to base in Mokdong.


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