South Korea – N. Seoul Tower to Seoul Station by Walking

Seoul, South Korea, April 2017:  Having spent a few hours taking in the vistas of Seoul city atop the mountain that is Namsan Park, its time now to head on down with a plan to walk and end up at the nearest subway station. Looking at Google maps, it’s actually not that far and a couple of stations could be within a reasonable walking distance  – Seoul Station probably being the most convenient for connections back to Mokdong. So, with a little bit of guess work AKA follow the crowd, its a walk down towards the city. A gentle slop as crowds make their way down under a tunnel of blossom trees. Yes, a couple of warm days has enabled full bloom creating quite a unique floral display above. The lazy option of course is to take the bus down again, but then one would miss this natural wonder.


Walk down under the blossoms or…


Take the bus down

Under the spring blossoms, Namsan Park, Seoul.

Well, that was an easy 15 minute stomp from the top of a mountain, on the same road used by the down buses arriving at the parks vehicle exit. Now though I need to use google maps to get me to Seoul station – easy! First its an elevator down into a neighbourhood and then a series of small roads and streets headed in the general direction of Seoul station. A quaint little neighbourhood – lanes with plenty of character, streets oozing colour. A neighbourhood market area with some street food, and not a single tourist to be seen – I guess they all took the bus!


So, total walking time from the Namsan tower to Seoul station was around 35 minutes at at slowish pace once in the neighbourhood. A nice doable trip, even for grandma and grandpa.


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