South Korea – Oriental Charm in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea, April 2017: Dull, overcast with drizzle in the breeze this past few days. Today however a warm sunny morning inspires some serious street pounding. Bukchon is a village situated North of the city centre and has escaped the wrath of developers bulldozers and modernity. As such. here is preserved a small area of oriental charm within a metropolis of high rise and skyscrapers. Quiet, quaint and charming its a neighbourhood of tradition. Traditional Korean houses, many of which are doubling up as business’s. Restaurants, cafes, galleries and wine, not to mention a coffee shop every few yards. Nonetheless, despite its upmarket efforts there’s still a feel of old world charm here. So, far a calming hour or so, take a wander around Bukchon Hanbok Village and try to immerse in times past. According to Google, wandering the streets of Bukchon is at the top of the @to do in Seoul’ list, and fair to say there are quite a few tourists around the place.


Main Street of Bukchon


Come to Bukchon for quaint and qurky coffee houses

Getting to Bukchon: Seoul Subway is the easiest method for tourists. Head for Anguk Station on line 3, the Red Line. (Google Map)

Cost: Subway $1.40 – $1.65. Free to Wander around the neighbourhood.

Eat: A lunch counter on the main street has steamed veg dumplings – 3000 KRW for 10. (Google Map)

Drink: Gigantic Coffee has a huge Americano for 2000 KRW, on the left before Starbucks. (Google Map)


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