South Korea – North Korean Threat, No DMZ Tour

Seoul, South Korea, April 2017: Tensions are running high with North Korea at the moment so I think a tour to the ‘Demilitarised Zone (DMZ)’ is out of the question. Add in the fact that my Mom is freaking out plus the US Vice President is in town, I’d better just stay out of the way. Here’s a nice post about the DMZ tour, worth a quick read.

Thankfully, at the moment the situation seems to be easing and Koreans are going about their daily lives, but for foreign visitors who perhaps don’t have the same understanding or can comprehend the frequent threats directed at South Korea, then it was an anxious few days over the weekend – and Saturday was quite extraordinary.

Saturday afternoon outside City Hall, Seoul….Passions running high and Patriotism like I’ve never seen anywhere before, take a look….


And so one doesn’t really need to fully understand the politics to get caught up in the movement of emotion here in downtown Seoul – this is one day I won’t forget!


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