South Korea – Arriving Seoul

IMG_9381Seoul, South Korea, April 2017: Air Asia X flight D7 504 to Seoul, yes its on the departures screen and on Schedule to depart at 08.00. At 6 hours and 20 minutes its the longest flight on a low cost airline I’ve embarked on so I’d better stuff myself with some of this beautiful Malaysian food they’e serving at the airport bus station canteen – well its an Indian roti breakfast actually and priced pretty much the same as downtown, now that’s a good start to the day ahead.

Its time to fly, away from the equatorial warmth and up to the cooler climate of the Northern hemisphere where in theory spring should have sprung – we’ll see in a few hours. Bring your own water, sneak on some snacks and load up the IPod and its actually not a bad flight, pretty much like any other Air Asia flight, just a few hours longer – well, at £110 for the 6 1/2 hours flight what can one expect!

About 2 hours left as the route lasses over Taiwan. I know its Taiwan because google maps is actually working via satellite and giving me some pretty accurate positions as the flight progresses. Some nice scenery below, the kind of scenery I missed last year due to persistent clouds. But, now, at 36,000 feet the scenery is just delightful.

Very hazy as the aircraft approaches to land at Seoul’s Incheon Airport. Nothing to see of the city sadly, just the outline of some housing blocks, sea, and a very long suspension bride. Its a long way from the arrival gate to immigration – several moving walkways and a train ride, Incheon Airport is huge! Getting through the process is pretty swift with officials pointing out the shortest queues and handing out a free tourist map. The passport process is pretty swift, two fingers on the scanner, a stamp and that’s it, I’m in Seoul, South Korea.


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