Nepal – Time To Move On

Pokhara, Nepal, March 2017:  Yes, time to move on as my 3 month visa nears its expiry date. Here’s a short recap plus a few photos that didn’t really fit anywhere else in the blog.

January: Blue skies, great views and just a handful of tourists. The nights were cold but by day the temperature reached late teens – perfect for getting over that Jet-lag. Mid January sees the start of Spring with the emergence of hibernating reptiles along with some flowering trees. It is however the dry season and dust just everywhere – especially if one is hiking away from the town.

February: As January rolls into February so the days begin to hot up reaching 21-23 c. Its still pretty quiet, the main tourist season still a few weeks away. With the rising temperatures comes a change in the weather with most days being quite hazy obscuring those scenic views. By mid-morning clouds have completely covered the mountains with the occasional afternoon shower. Early hikes, around the crack of dawn,will still results in some stunning views.

March: February turns into March and the tourists have arrived, but not in any great numbers much to the frustration of local traders – they’r still blaming the 2015 earthquake. From my observations there’s is definitely an over supply on all fronts of the tourist industry here in Pokhara – and its a pretty big one at that. Mid March when the place should be swarming, it is infact rather quiet with food shacks and even posher restaurants empty most of the day. By night, there’s rarely a place that can be called busy. However, for just one weekend the place is absolutely packed – with natives, the Holi Festival weekend. Yes, the place takes on a completely new character as the streets are filled with music, water and paint powder.

And so ends this visit to Nepal for now as I head off to Korea in a few days. I will return in May for another month taking a closer look at what its really like to live in Nepal when one is on the bottom line. I’ll leave you now with some odds and ends – a small reflection of life in Pokhara.




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