Nepal – Those Magical, Mysterious Mountains

Pokhara, Nepal, March 2017:  In the mainIts the mountains we come to see – the beautiful, magical and mysterious ranges spanning Nepal’s entire Northern boundary. While 90% of visitors embark upon very long hikes to get a closer look, the remaining 10% of us for some reason or other have to find another method to get those great mountain views, namely flying!

  1. Helicopter. The quickest, easiest, most comfortable and of course the most expensive way to see the mountains is take a heli-tour. A 90 minute trip to the Annapurna base camp and back will cost just under $400.
  2. Plane. Depending on the season its quite possible to fly to Jomsom and back within a couple of hours and this flight is special as the aircraft has to fly close to the mountains giving passengers on the right some amazing scenery. A return trip Pokhara to Jomsom is around $145. Alternatively fly there, get a bus back to cut down the cost.
  3. Ultra-light. Not for the faint of hart, these flimsy 2 seat machines offer adventure seekers the ultimate exhilaration as they buzz the closest mountains in sub-zero temperatures. 35 minutes from Pokhara costs around $120. Another 20 minutes will push the price up to $200.
  4. Hire a Cycle. hire a cycle for a few hours around sunrise and head for the airport. Park at the end of the runway and watch how those magical, mysterious mountains come alive. Bikes on hire, around 100 rupees an hour.The images below all taken from the end of the runway with a Canon SX610 HS.

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