Nepal – The Annapurna Mountains at Dawn

Pokhara, Nepal, March 2017: Today is one of those rare days when the weather is perfect in every sense. Perfect for trekkers, hikers, photographers and perfect for those that prefer to just watch as the rising sun brings those mountains to life. Having wished for such a day ever since I arrived here in January, its here – cool, crisp and cloudless air combined to suggest the perfect opportunity to photograph the Annapurna mountains.

So, on my cycle at 6 am heading for the best spot I know to see the mountains from Pokhara – at the end of the airports runway!

Awesome, magical views. I’d say this has to be the next best thing to actually trekking all the way there. Perhaps in some respects, better views from afar – what’s your opinion?

And so as the sun rises the whole range takes on a completely different character.

Next..if you thought these were awesome, you ain’t seen nothing yet!


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