Nepal – Dhanpush in a Day Pt.4

Pokhara, Nepal, February 2017: All is pretty quiet here in Dhanpush – on the cusp of the trekking season and not much appears to be going on. a small shop has no shopkeeper while the local abortion clinic equally looks rather depleted of human activity. There is however a collection of ramshackle structures offering food, albeit limited. The famous Nepali Dhal Bhat is unavailable for 1 person, but I can have an omelet, 2 eggs and veg in its culinary construction – will I get a Jamie Oliver special?

So, while the cook is rustling up my omelet, here are a few images to look over.

Well, that omelet didn’t have the Jamie Oliver touch and grossly overpriced. Infact everything around here seems overpriced if your skin colour is white! Just a little up the dirt track is a couple of jeeps awaiting passengers – 300 Rupees for a ride down, locals pay 60. No thanks, I’ll walk down and the chap smiles unashamedly. And so its time to leave Dhanpush and make my way to Pokhara. Any further and I’ll run into the permit checkpoint – it’s around $40 if you want to take the 7-10 day hike towards the mountains, permits purchased in Pokhara.

Down then, just follow the jeep track which after about 50 minutes intersects the original path I came up on – good, no chance of getting lost now!

And to conclude Dhanpush in a Day, here are some of the images heading down towards Phedi and the bus back to Pokhara. A last look back at the mountains before cloud-out, some wildlife spotting and the afternoon sun showing up the splendour of the terraced fields and valleys. So, I hope you enjoyed Dhanpush as much as I did!





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