Nepal – Dhanpush in a Day Pt.2

Pokhara, Nepal, February, 2017:

Going up

So, here we are at the very start of the famous Annapurna Base Camp trek – a journey that can last around 7 days, perhaps more if like me your not the mountain goat you once might have been! At least the path up is pretty straight forward – no crumbling cliff edges to negotiate or branches to crawl under or giant boulders to scramble over, at ;east not yet. But the incline is steep and soon I’m out of breath as the air begins to thin after just 10 minutes into the escapade. Time to rest, look back and say to myself “awesome” as the misty valley lends itself to some breathtaking scenery.

Here, the views after around 10 minutes of hiking on the path to Dhanpush.

As the path zigzags up the forested hillside, Its another 50 minutes before the incline levels into something a little easier to manage. Good news because the race is on the beat the mid morning cloud formation from spoiling the much promised views. At this point then I’m feeling a little more optimistic and suddenly find a burst of energy. Just below, there’s a road of sorts – a track for the bus I suspect and if i’m really lucky my current path will eventually intersect and a bus will come along!

After the initial climb the place then levels enough for a few dwellings and some farmsteads as these photos depict.

well, after having a sudden burst of energy a little while ago, time to tackle the next incline! yes, up again as that bus track gets smaller and smaller! Actually this isn’t neally as difficult as the initial section and even a brief glimpse of a white mountain peak tells me that perhaps at last i’m nearing the village. Oh, the official path ends and with no onward directions – not unusual for Nepal. Good news is the path has finished up on a track, wide enough for a bus or jeep at least and that means an easy route to the village. 10 minutes on the track and then straight ahead, a mountain, snowy and glistening in the bright morning sunshine – can’t be far to Dhanpush, surely. No its not, as just around the corner there it is, the village at last.

Next…in part 3, those magnificent mountain views and a look at the village of Dhanpush



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