Nepal – Cycling to a Tibetan Camp Pt.3

Pokhara, Nepal, February 2017: Well, its been about 1/2 an hour loitering around here. Sitting on a boulder next to the gushing, pale blue waters of the River Seti, better make a move, quite fancy a cup of tea now, and lunch isn’t far off either!


Another 35 minutes on the cycle, all the time in an upward direction, Well, I’m pretty much used to it now. Past the police checkpoint without any drama – I don’t think they even noticed me, and up, and up and up! At last, somewhere to eat and drink. Until now eating joints have been thin on the ground, but this is a welcome sight after that uphill ride! And its right outside the Tibetan Camp.Tea was nice but  the food wasn’t great, pretty mediocre – a choice of buffalo pasties or fried noodles, needless to say I played it safe.

The Tibetan Camp (Google Map)

I wouldn’t exactly call it a camp, rather a self-sufficient village. Two schools, a few shops, a village hall and a comprehensive sewerage system not to mention a monastery complex A peaceful, sleepy little place with a feeling that one has been transported away from the hustle and bustle of planet earth and is somewhere totally different. In-fact all this serenity is making me feel drowsy – a 5 minute nap is in order!

Actually, not a bad place to live, right up here with nice views of the mountain range and the air is pretty clean too. I’d say the Tibetans have a pretty good quality of life allbeit on the basic side. I don’t get the impression the kids are rich with gadgets like play stations and such like. I guess the men folk are out in the fields while mamma’s and grandmas can be observed busily threading colourful beads and weaving carpets.

Here, a few images depicting the camps people and its architecture.Those 2 tinkers you can see pushing their bikes, well, I passed them about 2 hours ago in Pokhara….





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