Nepal – Cycling to a Tibetan Camp Pt.1

Pokhara, Nepal, February 2017: Tibetan refugee camps are dotted all over the place with several of them situated in Pokhara. Tibetans arrived here mid 70’s after political unrest and now their encampments have become communities often based around the building of a monastery, which includes the local school. One such camp, known as the  Jangchub Choeling Monastery, is situated just to the North West of Pokhara along the Baglung Highway – just the right kind of distance for a cycle ride! So, with a clear sky and the warm spring sun beating down its time to get on that cycle and go riding. Oh, and lets not forget that anywhere North will be closer to the mountains!

So, without anymore rambling dialogue here’s a few pictures from the first 50 minutes of this gentle uphill ride.

Next…More scenery as the ride soon becomes more of an uphill struggle!


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