Nepal – Pokhara, Relax and Enjoy

Pokhara, Nepal, January 2017: Pokhara in the central areas of Nepal is where most long term visitors head for. Whether staying for a few weeks, months or even years, this town is the preferred hangout destination for most.. After 2 or 3 days in Kathmandu folks are happy to leave behind the choking pollution and the piles of garbage not to mention the overcrowded streets and head for the nations second city, Pokhara. The place is far less polluted, not overcrowded and within easy walking distance of some scenic mountain view points – now doesn’t that sound pretty good !

Up On The Roof…

So, as I settle in for a 3 month stay, here’s a look at some the mountain scenery.from my Hotel roof and down some backstreets, here in Lakeside. This of course is just the start – just a few gentle strolls around the local area as I recover from the 2 day journey from England to Pokhara.


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