A Random Jotting from England

Norwich, Norfolk, England, October 2016. A very green, pleasant and insanely expensive country! It is however my homeland, my back yard and where I can make some money to fund my next round of travels. The harder I work the further I can travel – well, that’s the philosophy I keep in mind at the days end when the only thing to do is collapse into bed with exhaustion. Since arriving back in the UK end of June I have been extraordinarily busy. The British economy is booming since the Brexit vote and there appears to be a shortage of labour in some industrial quarters. This of course leaves little time for the kind of extensive blogging I have been writing, but not so much that I can’t share a few images of England and particularly my Back yard – Norwich and the surrounds (Google Map)

So, as I work hard and plan for my next exciting adventures in Asia lets take a look at England!


Lets start with this rather nice photo – a typical English village. Cottages, a green and of course the church, every village has one! Tydd Saint Mary is the village, located on the fens near to the town of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. (Google Map)

Its becoming increasingly common for country folk to keep Lamas as pets in the backyards of their pink thatched cottages – another fact of English country life.


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