Nepal – Time to go home, England

Pokhara, Nepal, June 2016. Yes, its time to pack up and go home. Time to say good bye to Nepal and its an emotional goodbye to the people of Pokhara, the one place in the world where it has been possible for me, a Western traveler, to become deeply entrenched within Nepal society and culture. And I don’t mean turning up and prancing around in those big baggy pants, no I mean being part of modern Nepali family society – sharing food, hardships and emotions.Its fair to say this is the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to make – for the fourth time!

The long trip home to England starts with a 6 hour bus ride to Kathmandu. 30 hours in Kathmandu before the plane ride to  Oman. A night stop in Oman before the 2 PM flight to London.

And so with the last few goodbyes in the bag its off to the bus park and that long bumpy bus ride along the Prithivi Highway. So, just sit back and enjoy the dramatic scenery and a glimpse of rural life that is Nepal. $7 for the 6 hour ride on Line-up travels, and its a brand new bus with Wifi!

Photos from the bus.


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