Nepal – On the way to London Oman Air Flight 338 and Flight 101

Kathmandu and Muscat Oman, June 2016. About 3 1/2 hours to Muscat, Oman on a Boeing 737 packed full of migrant workers heading for their Middle-Eastern contracts. Some obviously flying for the first time as their anxieties are evident. A relatively short flight at night and with the entertainment system in good working order (its not always) its soon all over as the Muscat city lights illuminate the horizon. With the next flight to London 14 hours away the good folks of Oman Air have booked me a first class hotel with a free transit visa and of course a limousine bus transfer!

Time for a Cost-a-lot coffee and some plane watching before boarding the flight home – flight 101 to London. Just over 7 hours with the flight routing across Iran, Turkey and the Balkans before crossing central Europe and on into London’s Heathrow Airport.


Here’s some of the views over Iran from 36,000 feet. An awesome view overflying millions of years of history.

And a few more views of this Jurassic landscape.

Soon we’r over London. As usual obscured by clouds but a few gaps enable some quick snaps as the plane turns over the East end before following the river Thames into Heathrow.

And finally, after leaving in January – Welcome back to London!





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