Nepal – Pokhara, Sedy Village

Pokhara, Nepal, June 2016. To find total tranquility around here one has to stomp westwards, past Cannabis Corner and onto the village of Sedy. Its about 20 minutes along the dusty disintegrating road following the edge of the lake initially before tracking inland. A few guesthouses along with the odd hotel and a collection of shacks  nestled below the Himalayan foothills is the composition of this village. Its where visitors can access the long and arduous climb up to hilltop village of Sarangkot or take a more sedate wander in the hills at a lower level taking in that fresh unpolluted air and observing some of Nepal’s rural life.

Here’s a selection of photos taken from Sedy village and halfway up the surrounding hills. A unique view of Lakeside the water meadows below. All in all worth a few hours away from Pokhara Lakeside inbetween those periods of pre-monsoon rains. Google Map.




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